We will welcome you in our home, in a villa renovated in our image after a trying but oh so satisfying journey!

We will receive you as our guests, with the respect and pleasure that we owe to our hosts, even if there is a financial benefit.
You will enter a villa restored to offer a maximum of comfort and tranquility: we want you to spend a stay as serene as possible around the pool heated to 30 degrees, from June to October. For the months of June, September and October, it is accessible from 11am to 5pm to guarantee you an optimal temperature. For those who are not so keen on the cold and for everyone’s pleasure, our Mineral and Matisse suites are each equipped with an XXL whirlpool bathtub

The villa is contemporary, it is the continuity of our philosophy. The music played around the pool is Lounge music of the Deep House type.

We would like to point out that the villa has been renovated around our personality, our philosophy, what we would expect from a bed and breakfast by the sea on holiday.
It is a place that reflects our state of mind: atypical, it goes beyond ordinary conventions… .

We love it, we hate it… We love it!
Enter this place without any demands, just be curious, let yourself be tamed by the place. Maybe, like us, you will discover a place where you feel good, where you feel zen and where you can rest without wanting to leave!

The desire to discover, to stay, to come back…
The desire to share these pleasures of staying there, to live there for a night, a weekend or more!



Discover our rooms and suites:
The Matisse suite, the Vegetal suite, the Mineral suite, the Diving suite and the Chocolate suite.


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