The Villa. Its ancillary services. Its Breakfast.

Upon arrival, you will have a fridge in your room with 2 bottles of mineral water and 2 bottles of sparkling water.
These drinks are offered to you.

Once a day, the fridge is stocked but there is no alcohol available …

Don’t worry: the owners are known to have an internationally recognized collection of mojitos… Survivors can attest to that, lol!


At your request, they will be happy to serve you traditional mojitos, or mojitos revisited in the Villa Miami style, or other cocktails or granita. One drink is offered to you each day at your request. If you want more, they will be charged in addition to your stay. You can request ice cubes at any time. You can also bring your own drinks.

As for the most important part, the one that allows you to start your day in the best conditions: breakfast! We offer a traditional breakfast: pastries, bread, butter and jam; milk, tea or chocolate. You will find a Nespresso Vertuo Plus with 4 capsules in your room at your disposal (for the coffee lovers, you can come with your capsules).

In addition, for everyone's comfort, you will be asked to specify the time of your breakfast with your choice the evening before.

Wherever possible, we try to use organic products. We are not a vegetarian villa. We are not a gluten-free villa. We don't want you to have a bad time, don't worry! We are able to adapt and meet your expectations as long as they are specified at the time of booking and are easily accessible in the shops we work with regularly. But this service remains exceptional and will be granted as a favour and not as a right. We thank you in advance and wish you a pleasant awakening in our Villa!

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« Breakfast in the morning is a treasure (of health) »


Bread, butter

Viennese pastries

Fruit juice

Plain yogurt

Coffee, tea, chocolate

We also offer plates that allow you to personalize your breakfast according to your desires.
This option is charged at 5€ per plate.

Cup of fresh seasonal fruit

Cheese plate
Scrambled Eggs Plate